Our Capabilities

AvacaPharma bio-pharmaceutical development and commercialization

  • Formulation

Scientists with experience in developing multiple formulation technologies including solid dosage forms lead the Formulation Development (FD) team at AvacaPharma.Our scientists enjoy providing the best solutions for challenging drug development projects. The conductive environment at our AvacaPharma Research and Development Center (RDC) helps in innovation and peer development, providing positive results. The FD scientists perform activities such as formulation assessment, early stage proof of concept, formulation selection, design of experiments, pre formulation, release profile determination, formulation strategy, process development, optimization and technology development. The FD team supports from concept through launch and lifecycle management of the formulations.

  • Analytical

AvacaPharma Analytical Operations (AO) team is dedicated to providing best in class analytical solutions. The scientific team has an up to date understanding of product development aspects.Analytical scientists focuses on method development, validation, instrumentation, technology transfer and stability studies. The group has expertise in using the analytical software and statistical tools while ensuring integrity of the data generated. Analytical Operations forms an integral part of AvacaPharma operations as we believe understanding and addressing the method variabilities and measurement uncertainty is pivotal in ensuring product robustness, in line with Analytical QbD principles. The AO team supports AvacaPharma Research and Development Center (RDC) activities and Commercial Operations Center (COC) activities that include development, release and stability testing.

  • Commercial

AvacaPharma Commercial Operations Center is a 15-acre environmentally friendly pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The site will house the most modern manufacturing technologies providing operational flexibility with minimal operational disruption.The cGMP site will include a full-fledged manufacturing, packaging, analytical testing and warehousing operations meeting the highest compliance standards for regulated world markets. The facility will be operational with automation technologies and process flows that allow for faster supply chain velocity and lean manufacturing practices while exceeding cGMP expectations. The facility will also provide support for clinical manufacturing and packaging, technology transfer and pilot scale manufacturing. Highly experienced and qualified pharmaceutical professionals head the COC operations.

About Us

Innovation for Better Health

Displayed here is silver coin of Indo-Scythians Buddhist dynasty‘Avaca’. The Avacas put up a stubborn resistance to Alexander the Great, the Macedonian invader, in 326 BCE.A team of young and energetic technocrats, pharmacists from global Pharmaceutical business, R&D, regulatory and supply operations, leads AvacaPharma. The passionate AvacaPharma team is stubbornly committed to Innovation for Better Health.

Adhering to a patient centric and science driven decision-making process.

Valuing and respecting our colleagues, clients, vendors, markets and regulatory bodies.

Applying a quality by design approach while maintaining a robust Rx portfolio through its lifecycle.

Caring for our environment by promoting eco-friendly policies within the organization.

Acting with the highest ethical professional integrity and transparency.

AvacaPharma is a new-gen pharmaceutical development and commercialization organization with a vision to innovate for better health. Rooted in integrity, technical acumen, customer service and reliability, our organizational goal is to thrive for the best patient outcome. AvacaPharma is vestedin bringing quality pharmaceutical products with a patient centric approach. We believe in delivering true value to our customers while focusing on long-term strategies, technology advancements and operational efficiencies. The organization has Pharmaceutical R&D and commercial manufacturing capabilities. We sincerely thank you for visiting our website.


Building for the future

AvacaPharma Commercial Operations Center (COC)hosts commercial manufacturing, packaging, analytical and warehousing facilities within the 15 acres environmentally friendly campus. The site is located in the pharmaceutical industrial belt between Amaravati, new capital city of Andhra Pradesh- the sunrise state and Hyderabad, the pharmaceutical hub of India. The facility will have a total built up cGMP space of 126,685 sq.ft. meeting regulatory compliance standards.

AvacaPharma Research and Development Center (RDC), has a total cGMP space of 6000 Sq. ft. in a 1.2-acrelocation, of which Formulation occupies 3000 sq. ft. and Analytical Operations 2500 sq. ft. with provisions for expansion. The cGMP compliant AvacaPharma Research and Development Center (RDC) is located within Hyderabad’s pharmaceutical industrial zone


Join a new-gen pharmaceutical organization

Our team members are our biggest assets. We actively promote innovative, hardworking minds with a passion in exceeding organizational expectations. At AvacaPharma, we offer a collaborative, challenging, scientific environment with an opportunity for professional growth and job satisfaction. We are committed to rewarding innovation, continuous improvement initiatives and high performance. If you share our work culture and patient centric values, please apply with your CV at hr@avacapharma.com We offer competitive salaries and benefits in the industry.


Contact Details

AvacaPharma Inc. 1604 Spring Hill Rd., Suite 411, Vienna, VA 22182 USA


Corp: AvacaPharma Pvt. Ltd., 40-6/1-7, Revenue Col., Maghalrajpuram, Vijayawada 530010

RDC: Plot. No. 153, Phase-3, IDA Pashamylaram, Hyderabad 502307

COC: 41/1A1, Mukteswarapuram, Jaggayyapet 521457 AP

+91 98494 75339
+91 80082 11986